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Weston-super-Mare Branch

Weston honey show The aim of the Weston-super-Mare beekeepers group is to offer a friendly educational programme in order improve the standard of beekeeping in the area and to keep members up to date with the ever changing world of bees and beekeeping. We also have an educational stand at various events in order to help the public understand more about the importance of honey bees in the environment.
Members come from Weston-super-Mare and adjacent areas of North Somerset District, out as far as Shipham, Congresbury, and Loxton. We are a small friendly group of enthusiasts of varying abilities and we all try to help each other to develop the skills required to look after bees properly and to harvest good crops of honey. Regular monthly meetings are held at various apiaries in and around Weston during the spring and summer with special tuition for new beekeepers in the branch apiary. Study groups and social events are arranged during the winter.
New beekeepers are always welcome but it must be emphasised from the beginning that beekeeping is a craft and it does take a long time to learn. After about two years members are encouraged to study for the ‘Basic Beekeeping Assessment’ which is a certificate of competence.

Annual subscriptions for 2016/2017 are:

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For more Information contact:

Secretary: Ian Firth tel: 01934 844232
Treasurer Steven Sands tel: 01934 413053
Details of cources
Ann Westwood
tel: 01934 624092
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Answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much honey will I get from a hive of bees?
The average harvest is about 40 lbs (18 kilos) but in a good year, bees that are well looked after should produce more.
How much does it cost to start keeping bees?
Allow 400-500 to start with new equipment. Less if you buy second hand.
 How do I start?
It is recommended that you start by joining your local beekeepers branch
and attend some hands-on apiary meetings to get your confidence and learn the basics before going on a course or getting bees of your own.

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